Thursday, October 8, 2009

Watson and Finley

I love these little muffins almost as much as my own. Sophie and Watson are 3 months apart and Finley and Ella are 2 months apart. There daddy, Tanner and I are 1st cousins and lived down the road from eachother growing up. There mommy, Amanda and I did all kinds of theatre productions together and man I just love her! So after one summer of working at the Carriage House Theatre I hear that Tanner and Amanda have been hanging out in the same crowd. WHAT!!! I pretty much lost my mind and really became really annoying and meddled my way into making sure they got together. So pretty much these little darlins wouldn't exist if it weren't for me.. haha! JK! I really can't take full credit, I'll just take a little to make myself seem important. hah. Anyway woah NOVEL- I love this family and we spend lotsa time playing with them! Thanks Tanandasonley for letting me practice with your little sweetie pies!!!!!


Blogger Amanda said...

Kelsey! I have seriously never looked at your blog before...where have I been? I need copies of these even though they are a year old. I lost my disk. I had forgotten how cute these were!

August 10, 2010 at 12:06 PM  

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